Terms of Use

We provide faith and family videos, interactive educational content, social networking capabilities, live streaming, and more. Our service is based on the Freemium model, which means that some of the content is free, ad-supported, and some of the content is “Premium” and therefore requires a subscription.

Our terms of use will govern your use of our service. When we refer to “Our” or “We” we are referring to Crossflix+ and therefore we mean the service for Crossflix+. The terms Crossflix+, Our, We are used interchangeably in this agreement and mean the same thing. 

If you reside in any part of the United States you agree to Arbitration through the American Arbitration Association. Any matter/case that is classified as small claims will not go to Arbitration. Please take notice that these terms are inclusive of all hyperlinks. Our terms of use include our End User Agreement and our Privacy Policy.

Acceptance of Terms:

When you visit or use the Crossflix+ Service you agree to our terms of use. If you do not agree to our terms of use policy then do not use our service (i.e. The Crossflix+ Service).

Periodic Changes to Terms of Use:

We (i.e. Crossflix+) may from time to time, change our terms of use including our privacy policy, and our end-user licensing agreement which governs your use of our Service. When these changes occur, they will become effective immediately for everyone except Crossflix+ subscribers/members, who will be bound to those changed terms 14 days after they have been posted on our site.


Take notice that by using the Crossflix+ site you are giving us consent to our sending you emails and other communication, this is a necessary part of our relationship. You agree that any notices, communications, agreements, disclosures or any other communication will satisfy our legal communication requirements. Such communications can also be in writing. You should print and keep all such communications. In addition to legal communications, you agree that you may receive from time to time newsletters, promotional announcements, Subscriber Surveys by way of email or other methods. We advise you to review our Privacy policy for further details on our marketing communications to you.